Moosecamp: Blogging and the Unconference

Here I am at Northern Voice, the always-sold-out Canadian blogging conference held in beautiful British Columbia. Actually, today is MooseCamp, the unconference portion of the event. Marc Lee, the dude behind Progressive Economics Forum, and I did a session on the political use of blogs. It was in the “big room” and was well attended. Marc’s presentation generated a lot of interest and overall, I think people were geeked about different ways to engage with political issues, or to translate their activism into the blogosphere. Here is a live blog write-up. It was not a session about my research topic – my usual schtick – but about an aspect of my research method. So it was casual and, actually, fun. What a concept! There are some good sessions coming up, and already I’ve met a local tech activist, an old Indymedia geek, Scott Nelson whom I’ve been wanting to meet for awhile. And J. Karen Parker has offered to lend her fancy WordPress skills to this work-in-progress blog.

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  1. Northern Voice in a (rather large) nutshell at MissCommuniKate Says:

    [...] was fun, and my session with Marc Lee on the political use of blogs for progressive social change was well received. [...]

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