Open Web Vancouver

I will be giving a talk at Open Web Vancouver 2008 that works out one of the strands of my thesis dealing with open source as method of knowledge production, with a focus on the academy. This will be fun and a bit nerve wracking, as the audience will be the most hardcore geek (straight up software developers) I’ve ever had. Usually I connect with activists and organizers closer to the “app” level, with the geekiest being IT managers and web designers. Less so the actual hackers and coders. Whenever I’ve come across these types, though, they’ve been totally interested, if not completely aware of, the political nature of free/open source software, their involvement in it notwithstanding. So I’m hoping the cats at Open Web will be as receptive, despite the non-technical nature of my talk. I’m also hoping to find some geeks interested in participating in my dissertation project. I have just submitted it to SFU’s Ethics Review Board, and should get the go ahead within a couple of weeks. I’m starting to line up interviews with the contacts I already have, some of whom date back to my master’s thesis. I will be posting a call for participants on this blog as soon as I’ve got ethics approval.

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