Media making at the AMC

Submedia's Escape the Freedom Fence

Submedia's Escape the Freedom Fence

Day 2 in the Alternative Media Centre saw more media making and collaborating activity, with AMCistas sharing tips, sources and story ideas, working out tech problems and forming affinity crews to cover events based on interest and need. There have been a number of activist arrests, including one beating and one raid… rest assured, AMCistas are on it.

Media makers from across Canada are beginning to arrive in town, stopping the AMC to get their credentials and check in. Old friends are reuniting, new connections are being made and the creative energy is flowing fast and furious. Franklin Lopez from Submedia put out his first video report today, a wickedly irreverent piece called “Escape the Freedom Fence.

I worked on a couple of stories all day, despite announcing in the orientation meeting that I would do no media production, only staffing. Ah well. What can I say? The old bug bit. Check out my latest story on The Media Co-op here.

I’ve also been labeled a Twitter reporter: you can follow me as I scour the the interwebz for G20-related updates, advisories and announcements.

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