Summer Freedom of Code

One of the tech activists participating in my dissertation research just told me about a project being run by Riseup called Summer Freedom of Code. This is a totally inspiring endeavour, one that reaffirms my decision to stick with my research topic, and assures me that social justice organizing and activism are not dead – not even dormant – but alive and well and taking direct aim at the miserable status quo.

Freedom Summer of Code is both a cheeky riff on Google’s Summer of Code and nod to Freedom Summer, making explicit the project’s historical link to radical progressive activism. The aim of FSoC is to develop software that supports social justice organizations and movements, and contests inequality and injustice under global capitalism. Instead of technologies of reproduction, the goal is technologies of revolution. By appropriating software technology and deploying it for free and open uses, this project stands in stark opposition to proprietary visions of a corporatized and closed Internet, nested within the broader notion that social injustice is unfortunate collateral damage from a system that is natural, and thus inevitable. FSoC reminds us that another world (or for starters, another Internet) is possible.

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