Media matters in the Canadian election

The Campaign for Democratic Media released its report, Net Neutrality: Fact vs. Fiction just in time for the federal election… Net neutrality has not been the hot button issue it really is, and needs to be. The internet remains, for the moment, the most democratic communication medium we have. Not for long, though, if the greedy corporations get their way (and they usually do, unless enough citizens make enough of a fuss for a long enough time).

Michael Geist reports that the list of politicians who support fair digital copyright is growing… so that’s something anyway.

If you want to get involved in media matters, check out Media Democracy Day, which happens in Vancouver on Saturday Oct. 25 at the Vancouver Public Library. There will be a couple of panels dedicated to keeping the net open. Like the rad cats at Riseup say: Get off the internet, I’ll see you in the streets!

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