Swimming upstream: Media Democracy Day

Speaking For Ourselves: Media Democracy Day 2008 is a national day of action dedicated to keeping the corporate media honest and making them accountable. The Vancouver event happens next week at the VPL, 12-6pm. My friend and colleague Steve Anderson is the main organizer for MDD Vancouver, and I have been helping out a bit here and there. It takes me back to my activist journalist days and all the hell we raised publishing a grassroots alt weekly way back in the late 90s. Good times. Anyhow, it’s a necessary battle, regaining control of the media (the foundation for a functioning democracy), and pretty overwhelming at times. But there will be a bunch of real smart folks at MDD who have thought long and hard about the issues and have good stuff to say. Peeps like: Rex Weyler (Green Peace co-founder), David Beers¬† (The Tyee), Michael Tippett (Nowpublic.com), Matt Thompson (saveournet.ca) and Charlie Smith (Georgia Straight). For the full program, go here.

Some of the panels and workshops are: Big Media Clamp Down: Taking stock and fighting back; Free Your Computer, Free Yourself -¬† the road to liberation with free and open source software; Journalism in a time of Big Media Domination; The Battle for New Media and Open Communication; and Open Source Journalism. Of course a number of these are right up my alley and I will be attending as many as I can, though I’ve also volunteered to help out at the event. MDD will close with a rockin’ after-party at VIVO Media Arts Centre, headlined by multi-media artist Jackson 2bears, a nifty vj/dj sorta cat who uses the remix as a tool for cultural critique.

You can join the MDD Facebook Event. And if you want more info and tools to help promote MDD, check here.

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