Outing the corporate mainstream media

Me ‘n Leslie Regan Shade@the new media panel.

Media Democracy Day totally kicked it this weekend at the VPL. The event was a good fit with the library, and the MDD fair Р40+ community groups set up to do community outreach and promote a more accessible media system with less corporate influence Рwas well attended, both by intentional MDD attendees and regular library-goers. Tris has some great Flickr photos that give a sense of what the day was like as well as excellent coverage of a couple of the panels. DaveO has a good roundup here. And our fave blogger about town, Miss604, even gave it a nice little  plug.

The sessions were all well attended. I went to the 5 main panels (including the one I chaired) and was totally geeked (and infuriated) by all the discussions. I particularly enjoyed the accounts of Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer and independent journalist Deborah Campbell. There were some good comments in my session, The Battle for New Media and Open Communication. The audience had a lot of questions for Jeff Davis of Vancouver Open Network Initiative Cooperative and Michael Tippet, of NowPublic. Scales offered some good commentary as both a user/producer of participatory media and an open source (Drupal) developer. Matt Thompson’s closing presentation was pretty dynamic – a slick, engaging primer for those new to the complex politics of net neutrality. The day was well attended – probably well over 500 people checked out the fair, and the main panels all had over 100 audience members, at least. The after-party wasn’t as well attended but Jackson 2bears was truly awesome: politics and beats – my two favourite things.¬†

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  1. Tris Hussey Says:

    Kate thanks for the links and mention! The two panels I attended were great!

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