Richard Stallman in VanCity

Richard Stallman, otherwise known as rms or the founder of the free software movement, will be in town for a series of lectures at UBC and BCIT. I have been reading Stallman’s stuff since I wrote my master’s thesis in 2003. Although he has sometimes passed off as a crank, much of Stallman’s work has proven accurate, insightful and even prescient over the years. I particularly like his insistence on ethics and freedom as two essential aspects of computing. I have been rereading him lately as I get further into my disseration. So the timing is perfect: I will be there with bells on.

Stallman will deliver his talk “Free software in ethics and in practice” from 12:30-2pm on Feb. 6 at UBC (Room 101/102/201, George F. Curtis Law Building, 1822 East Mall). For more deets email or phone 604-822-0846.

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