SaveOurNet Dance Partay

SaveOurNet Dance PartaySome rad folks have been organizing, lobbying and generally raising a ruckus around the corporate-sponsored push to close down the internet, commodify internet travel (using surveillance and discriminatory practices) and generally mess with net neutrality. The work is largely volunteer-driven, natch, and donation-funded. That’s why the SaveOurNet cats are hosting a fundraiser – a film screening and dance party at the ever-cool Gallery Gachet in Gastown on Saturday June 20. It’s also the after-party for ChangeCampVancouver, an unconference to reimagine government and citizenship in the age of participation. There are some wicked DJs, including Quest Poetics, Mello Black, Mario Vaira and DJ Hayze, among others. There will also be a screening of RiP: A Remix Manifesto, from Web activist, filmmaker and Vancouver native Brett Gaylor, starting at 6pm. Ima be there… and if you wanna getcher groove on, you can reserve your ticket here.

2 Responses to “SaveOurNet Dance Partay”

  1. Irwin Oostindie Says:

    Hi Kate, was a fun party!

    W2 has a new space at 157 W Hastings, and offices at #205-163 W Hastings whenever you are around to say hi :)


  2. KateM Says:

    Hey Irwin,

    Had a fun time too – the music was great… I’ll check out your space when next time I’m in your hood…

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