Geek Feminism on how the FBI tried to punk IMC

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reported on a bogus “secret” subpoena issued by the FBI to Indymedia. The subpoena requested the following: “All IP traffic to and from” for a particular date, including “IP addresses, times, and any other identifying information.” Writes the EFF senior staff attorney:

“the government was asking for the IP address of every one of’s thousands of visitors on that date — the IP address of every person who read any news story on the entire site. Not only did this request threaten every visitor’s First Amendment right to read the news anonymously (particularly considering that the government could easily obtain the name and address associated with each IP address via subpoenas to the ISPs that control those IP blocks), it plainly violated the [Stored Communications Act]‘s restrictions on what types of data the government could obtain using a subpoena. The subpoena was also patently overbroad, a clear fishing expedition: there’s no way that the identity of every Indymedia reader of every Indymedia story was relevant to the crime being investigated by the grand jury in Indiana, whatever that crime may be.”

Now Geek Feminism interviews the female sysadmin who blew the whistle… check it here.

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