Reading ToDo

This is my current list. As you can see, I’m reading for a few different things – my reading group, my teaching and my dis. Naturally, there’s other stuff that hovers insistently in the background.

Critical Theory Reading Group:

Marx, Karl. (1964). The economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844. New York: International Publishers.

Radical Pedagogy:

Bain, Ken. (2004). What the best college teachers do. New York; London: Harvard University Press.

√Postman, Neil & Weingartner, Charles. (1969). Teaching as a subversive activity. New York: Dell Publishing.


Benkler, Yochai. (2006). The wealth of networks: How social productions transforms markets and freedom. New Haven, Yale University Press.

Himanen, Pekka. (2001). The hacker ethic. New York: Random House.

Soderberg, Johan. (2008). Hacking capitalism: The free and open source software movement. New York; London: Routledge

√Wark, Mackenzie. (2004). A hacker manifesto. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Weber, Max. (1905). The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism.