M. Kathleen Milberry, PhD

Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta



Research Interests

Surveillance of social movements. Democratization of technology. #techactivism #privacy #freesoftware #anotherworldispossible


2009 PhD, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Geeks and global justice: Another (Cyber)World is Possible
2003 M.A. Communication, University of Windsor, Canada. Indymedia as a social movement? Theorizing the new global justice movements.
1994 B.A. History/English, Double honours, University of Toronto, Canada



2012-present Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
2009-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
2007-2009 Sessional Instructor, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
2004-2006 Teaching Assistant, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
2003 Research Assistant, Communication Studies, University of Windsor
2002-2004 Teaching Assistant, Communication Studies, University of Windsor


2010-present Technology commentator, CBC Radio
2011-2012 Researcher, BC Civil Liberties Association/em>, Vancouver, BC
2001 Guest host, The NewVI’s Breakfast Television, Windsor, ON
1999-2001 Host, ROOM Radio, CJAM 91.5fm, University of Windsor
1994-2001 Co-founder, ROOM Magazine, Windsor, ON


Book Chapters:

Milberry, K. 2014. #OccupyTech. In Steve Alsop and J. and Lawrence Bencze (eds.) Activist Science Technology Education. New York: Springer.

Milberry K. & Clement, A. 2014. Policing as spectacle and the politics of surveillance at the Toronto G20. In Margaret E. Beare and Nathalie Des Rosiers (eds.) The State on Trial: Policing Protest. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press.

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Milberry, K. & Parsons, C. 2013. A national ID card by stealth? The BC Services Card: Privacy risks, opportunities and alternatives. Vancouver, BC: British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.

Journal Articles:

Milberry, K. 2015. The art of collectively loving well in the digital age. Foundations of Science. Dec. 2015: 1-4

Bennett, C., Clement, A. & Milberry, K. (Eds). 2012. Introduction: Surveillance and Society, (9)4.

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Milberry, K. (2007). The wiki way: Prefiguring change, practicing democracy. Tailoring Biotechnologies, 3(1).

Milberry, K. (2006). Reconstructing the Internet: How Social Justice Activists Contest Technical Design in Cyberspace. M/C Journal, 9(1).

Milberry, K. (2006). Gatewatching: Collaborative online news production. Canadian Journal of Communication. 31(3): 330.

Non-Academic Books:

Milberry, K. (Ed.). 2014. 50 Years of Freedom: A festschrift celebration for the golden anniversary of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Vancouver, BC: British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.


Milberry, K. (Ed.) 2014. Man up! Owning and owning the policing of gender online. .dpi: Cyber Surveillance, No. 30.

Milberry, K. 2013. Operation Occupy Wall Street: The role of Anonymous in the American Fall. Shameless Magazine. Issue 23, Spring 2013.


Conference Presentations


2016 From the Union Hall to the Virtual Classroom: The British Columbia Nurses’ Union Journey to E-Learning. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Vancouver.

2015 A Brief History of Work: Raising the Nurse-Worker through the Spectre of Radical Labour Struggle. Critical Ethnic Studies Association. York University. Toronto, ON. Co-presented with Hanif Karim.

2013 Occupy Tech: Reinventing the internet for the 99%. Canadian Communication Association.  University of Victoria. Victoria, BC.

2011 Hacking for social justice: The politics of prefigurative technology. Society for Social Studies of Science. Cleveland, OH.

2011 Public surveillance, (in-)security and spectacle at the Toronto G20. The Expanding Surveillance Net: Ten Years after 9/11. Queen’s University, Kingston, ON.

2010 (Re)making the internet:Free Software and the social factory hack. DIY Citizenship: Critical Making & Social Media. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

2010 Tech activists and the electronic repertoire of contention. Canadian Communication Association. Concordia University, Montreal, PQ.

2010 The code to freedom? Techniques and technologies of countersurveillance in cyberspace. Making Media Public. York University, Toronto, ON.

2009 Talking to tech activists: Another (cyber)world is possible. Union for Democratic Communication. Buffalo, NY.

2008 The public intellectual: Bridging the academic divide. International Communication Association. Montreal, PQ.

2008 Open sourcing the academy: From monopolies of knowledge to Open Access Journals. Canadian Communication Association. Vancouver, BC.

2007 From open source to open knowledge: BarCamp and the socio-technical dialectic. Union for Democratic Communication. Vancouver, BC.

2006 New approaches to communication technologies: Critical theory of technology, tech activism and Indymedia. Canadian Communication Association. Toronto, ON.


2012 The knowledge factory hack: From Open Access to Anonymous…or why information wants to be free. Digital Odyssey Conference, Ontario Library and Information Technology Association, Toronto, ON.

Invited Talks:

2012 Surveillance and security spectacle at the Toronto G20: The Miami Model and the ambivalence of social media. Security and its Publics workshop. Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.

2012 A national ID card by stealth? The BC Services Card: Risks and opportunities for privacy. BC Information Summit, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

2011 Toronto the Watched: G20 and the surveilling of dissent. Surveillance Studies Centre, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON.

2009 The whole world is watching: Indymedia and the rise of citizen journalism. Witnessing the World: New Possibilities for Citizenship and Social Change. Institute for the Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.


2008 Political use of blogs. Northern Voice, February 22-23, 2008 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

2007 Geeks and global justice. Recent Changes Camp, May 18-20, 2007, Société des artes technologiques, Montreal, PQ.

2006 Tech activism and the democratic rationalization of the Internet. Web of Change, September 20-24, 2006, Cortes Island, BC.

2006 The history of tech activism. BarCamp, Vancouver, BC.


2015 Labour Landscapes: A Storytelling Walk. (Invited). In collaboration with Right to Remain/Revitalizing Japantown? Vancouver, BC

2014 Beyond bitcoin: Building the people’s internet. (Invited). Bitcoin beyond money: Digital currencies and the future of media democracy. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.

2012 Surveillance and Security Spectacle at the Toronto G20. (Invited). Department of Journalism & Communication Lecture Series, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.

2011 #OccupyEverywhere: Tech activism and the code to freedom. (Invited). PeaceGeeks launch. Vancouver, BC

2011 Toronto the Watched: G20, the AMC and the surveilling of dissent. (Invited). Parkdale Film and Video Showcase. Toronto, ON.

2011 Twitter this! Social media as surveillance during the Toronto G20. (Invited). North by North East. Toronto, ON.

2011 Surveillance self-defense. Institute for Community Inquiry. (Invited). Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, ON.

2010 I know what you did last summer: Disciplining dissent through mega-event security. (Invited). (Dis)Orientation. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

2010 The code to freedom? Techniques and technologies of countersurveillance in cyberspace. The People’s Summit. Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

2008 Open source and the knowledge factory hack. (Invited). Vancouver Linux Users Group. Burnaby, BC

2008 From free software to open knowledge: Open source as a method for progressive social change. Open Web Vancouver. Vancouver, BC

2005 Radical media activism online. (Invited) World Community Film Festival. Vancouver, BC


Grants & Fellowships

2012      A national ID card by stealth? The BC Services Card: Risks and opportunities for privacy. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Contributions Program, $50,000

2011      A code of one’s own: Hacking geek culture & the gendered terrain of cyberspace. Social Science & Humanities Research Council, $80,000 (awarded but not funded)

2009      The new transparency: Surveillance and social sorting, Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto, $63,000

2008      Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, $6200

2007      Service to Community Award, Simon Fraser University, $6200

2006      Presidents Research Stipend, Simon Fraser University, $6200

2005      Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, $6200

2005   Cable TV Pioneer Graduate Scholarship, Simon Fraser University, $975

2003      Graduate Tuition Scholarship, University of Windsor, $6000

2000      Ray Connelley Award for Excellence in Educational Journalism, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

1999      Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Fellowship, Knight Foundation, University of Michigan

Service to Community


2008 Section editor, Stream Journal, Simon Fraser University
2007 Presenter, Comprehensive Exam Workshop, Communication,SFU
2007 Volunteer, Association of Internet Researchers Conference, SFU
2007 Graduate representative, Hiring Committee, Communication, SFU
2007 Workshop coordinator, (Re)Inventing the Internet, Applied Communication Technology Laboratory, Communication, SFU
2007 Coordinator, Praxis of Evil: CMNS 800 Annual Conference, Communication, SFU
2007 PhD representative, Graduate Caucus, Communication, SFU
2006 Coordinator and publicist, Guest lecture by Dr. Mark Poster, ACT Lab, SFU